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How To Be More Positive and Productive During Your Workday

Even little changes in our moment to moment attitude help to shift our mood, and compounded over time can have significant and lasting impacts on your overall well-being and productivity. Barbara Fredrickson a UNC Kenan Distinguished Professor of Psychology and leading researcher on positivity has conducted dozens of research projects that demonstrate that, “through experiences of positive emotions, then, people transform themselves, becoming more creative, knowledgeable, resilient, socially integrated and healthy individuals.” She also notes, importantly, that although these positive experiences may by brief, the personal resources we gain during the states of positive emotions are durable and far outlast the experience itself.


broaden and buildScience aside, this should come as no surprise to most of us.  When you feel better you are more equipped to get through your day at work, through conflicts with spouses and kids, and through unexpected mishaps. Being upbeat and handling tough situations also creates a positive feedback loop that facilitates being positive in the future. But often this is easier said than done. Stress from media, clients, associates, deadlines, your boss, and other situations can make staying upbeat a real challenge and not all of us have the time for a midday meditation or a jog in the park.


Here at Self Echo we wanted to create something that, instead of inducing more stress and worry, would strip it away. We also wanted to do this in a way that was simple and easy, that anyone, anywhere could have access to. UpJoy was the result: somewhere anyone and everyone could view and share exclusively positive content designed to re-center, rejuvenate, and instantaneously boost their positive emotion.


What is UpJoy?
UpJoy is a simple feed of images and videos that are uplifting, funny, calming, spiritual, motivational, and everything positive in-between. Through your preferences and votes the system learns what media is best suited to brightening your day and serves it up!


Isn’t that just a distracting form of entertainment though?
No! Breaks are important! The Center for Disease control and Prevention recommends taking short breaks regularly during the work day and numerous studies have documented breaks help to increase your concentration, alertness and work speed.


How does it work?
new UpjoyWhen you push full-steam ahead without pause, eventually your performance suffers and it is easy to become stressed, overwhelmed or caught in negative rumination. Data suggest that engaging in simple external tasks that allow the mind to wander may facilitate creative problem solving and improve focus in the future. Researchers at the University of Melborne discovered that viewing media on the web for fun at work -within reasonable limits- was correlated with a 9% increase in total productivity and a recent study from Hiroshima University found that looking at cute images at work can boost attention to detail and overall performance by 10%. Simply shifting your mental attention to something new and positive can help snap you out of this downward spiral but that can be challenging for someone already caught in the whirlpool. This is where UpJoy comes in. It provides an outlet that anyone can easily utilize to to escape this downward pull, recenter and then return to challenges reinvigorated and with improved focus. Don’t let stress and negativity depress your productivity and happiness, take steps to up your joy today!


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DJ Wetmore
DJ Wetmore is a young entrepreneur and avid student of health and positive psychology. His interests lie in finding ways to use technology to enhance self-awareness and improve ourselves. His hobbies include hiking, sailing, beach volleyball, reading, and gardening.

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